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Empero Rotating Pizza Oven, 6 Pizza Capacity, Gas+Wood Burning


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Experience a fusion of aroma and efficiency with our Dual-Fuel Rotating Pizza Oven, designed to hold up to 6 pizzas. While it primarily operates on gas for consistent and precise cooking, it features a unique wood compartment solely for scent infusion. This innovative design allows you to imbue your pizzas with the tantalizing aroma of wood, enriching the culinary experience without the complexities of wood-fired cooking. The rotating base ensures uniform baking, guaranteeing a perfectly cooked pizza with every use. Ideal for both commercial and home use, this oven offers an easy and aromatic way to craft delicious pizzas. Elevate your pizza-making with both the convenience of gas and the essence of wood in one sophisticated appliance.

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Available on back-order

Estimated delivery date 29-07-2024


– Adjustable cooking time and digital indicator.
– Adjustable cooking temperature between 0/400 °C
– 220V 50/60 Hz. Operating power.
– Adaptable to LPG or NG.
– Adaptable to operate with gas or wood.
– Internal high: 515 mm
– Internal stone diameter: 1000 mm
– Door dimension: 650×270 mm
– Fast and best cooking process through thermal
– Thermostatic heating.
– Rotating bedplate provides homogeneous
– Baking bedplate made by refractory material.
– Stone interior reservoir.

 Dimension : 1650x1705x1970 -Weight: 865 -Net (m3) : 5.54 – Power (kw) :41.20 Capacity : Ø 300 mm 6 pizza
75 pizza/saat-hour


– Gas Consumption (ng): 4,35 m3/h
– Gas Consumption (lpg): 3,72 kg/h

Weight865 kg
Dimensions1650 × 1705 × 1970 cm