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Empero Rotating Pizza Oven, Gas


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Discover the epitome of pizza perfection with the Empero Rotating Gas Pizza Oven. Specially designed for culinary enthusiasts and professionals, this oven brings a revolutionary twist to traditional pizza making. With its gas-powered operation, you can expect consistent heat distribution and optimal temperature control, ensuring every pizza is cooked to perfection. The unique rotating base enhances cooking efficiency, allowing up to 6 pizzas to be baked simultaneously with uniform crispness and flavor. The oven also features a specialized compartment for wood chips, offering the option to infuse a subtle, smoky aroma into your pizzas, elevating the taste without the complexity of wood-fired cooking. Ideal for restaurants, pizzerias, or home kitchens, the Empero Rotating Gas Pizza Oven combines modern convenience with traditional flavors, making it a must-have for any pizza connoisseur.

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Available on back-order

Estimated delivery date 29-07-2024


– Adjustable cooking time and digital indicator.
– Adjustable cooking temperature between 0/400 °C
– 220V 50/60 Hz. Operating power.
– Adaptable to LPG or NG.
– Rotating bedplate provides homogeneous cooking
refractory material.
– Internal high: 450 mm
– Internal stone diameter: 1200 mm
– Door dimension: 500×250 mm

•4.3 inch color LCD screen control panel.
• Possibility to work with gas or wood.
• 99 different program features.
• Ability to define program name on the screen.
• Ability to access the user’s manual on the screen.

Dimension :1965x2127x2113 -Weight : 1500 -Net (m3) :8.84 – Power (kw):48 -Capacity: Ø 300 mm 9 pizza
130 pizza / saat-hour


– Gas Consumption (ng): 5,07 m3/h
– Gas Consumption (lpg): 4,08 kg/h


Weight1500 kg
Dimensions1965 × 2127 × 2113 cm