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Empero Fixed Base Pizza Oven, Gas


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Elevate your pizza experience with the Empero Fixed Base Gas Pizza Oven, a perfect blend of performance and ease for both culinary professionals and enthusiasts alike. This gas-powered oven offers unmatched temperature precision, ensuring that every pizza is baked evenly and to your exact specifications. Its fixed base design provides a stable and consistent baking environment, ideal for crafting a variety of pizzas with the perfect crust every time. The oven’s robust construction and sleek design make it a durable and stylish addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re running a busy pizzeria or hosting pizza nights at home, the Empero Fixed Base Gas Pizza Oven is your gateway to a world of flavorful, perfectly cooked pizzas with the convenience of modern gas cooking.

£5,399.00 ex VAT

Available on back-order

Estimated delivery date 29-07-2024


– Adjustable cooking time and digital indicator.
– Adjustable cooking temperature between 0/400 °C
– 220V 50/60 Hz. Operating power.
– Adaptable to LPG or NG.
– Internal high: 450 mm
– Thermostatic heating.
– 1100×1000 mm refractor stone.
– Stone interior reservoir.
– Pizza capacity:
9 pieces of Ø 300 mm, 130 pizza / hour.

Dimension :1480x1724x1855 Weight:755
Power (kw) :28.70 Net (m3) :4.74
Capacity: Ø 300 mm 9 pizza 130 pizza / saat-hour



– Gas Consumption (ng): 3 m3/h

– Gas Consumption (lpg): 2,73 kg/h

Weight755 kg
Dimensions1480 × 1724 × 1855 cm