Samixir S22 Cold Drink Dispenser, 22 L, Digital, Panoramic, Black


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The Cold Drink Dispenser is a sleek and compact appliance designed for both commercial use. With advanced cooling technology, it ensures consistent beverage chilliness. User-friendly controls allow for easy temperature and portion adjustments, while its transparent dispensing system adds a touch of sophistication. Perfect for dispensing iced tea, fruit juices, and more, this dispenser combines functionality with style, making it an essential addition to any space dedicated to refreshing beverages.

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Available on back-order

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Samixir S22 Cold Drink Dispenser, 22 L, Digital, Panoramic, Black

22 L. panoramic spray cold beverage dispenser

Counter top cold beverage dispenser for cooling and dispensing natural fruit juices without particules and shalgam

Counter top cold beverage dispenser; equiped with magnetic spray system, for cooling and dispensing specially fruit juices without particules and shalgam. Beverages cool equally and faster until the last drop, thanks to the large cooling base, it saves energy up to 50% compared classical dispensers. Practical tap system allows easy dispensing of the beverage with single hand. Large diameter tap hose alows constant fluidity and can easily be disassembled and cleansed. It eliminates the risk of leakage to the engine compartment thanks to the magnetic spray system, hence motor is fully protected. Even if the beverage level is low; the appetizing look does not change thanks to the spray system. In order to achieve perfect cleaning and hygiene; all parts which are in contact with the beverage can be easily accessed and quickly cleansed. Polycarbonat bowl is vandal-proof and food grade. It is the right choice for small and mid size food-service outlets. Not to be used with particulate beverages. Water level indicator incorporated into the drip tray serves to indicate the time to empty the tray.

Technicial Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Bowl Capacity: 22 liter
  • Machine Weight: 19,9 kg
  • Machine Width: 350 mm
  • Machine Height: 752 mm
  • Machine Length: 405 mm
  • Temperature Range °C: +3…+10
  • Energy Consumpiton: 1,7 kW/24h
  • Refrigeration Power: 499 W
  • Package Weight: 21,8 kg
  • Package Width: 400 mm
  • Package Height: 795 mm
  • Package Length: 425 mm
  • Supply Voltage: 230V 50Hz
  • Optional Voltage: 220V 60Hz