Öztiryakiler Single Stove Top, 80x90x30 cm, Gas


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• Upper burners have 2, 4 or 6 burners.

• In gas cooktops, gas taps with safety devices and thermocouples are used for flame monitoring.

• All cooktops have 2 mm thick monoblock top tables produced using special molds using the press printing method. Rounded corners on the top table increase durability and provide ease of cleaning. • Specially designed brass material burners have high power, high combustion efficiency and low gas emission values.

• Thanks to the pilot flame system in the burners, it is possible to use the devices quickly and easily. • Each stove burner has cast iron for placing pots or pans on the stove. The stove cast iron is dishwasher-safe thanks to its semi-polished and durable enamel coating. Model OSOG 8090 T Type Gas Product Code 7865.N1.80903.53

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