Öztiryakiler Pasta Cooker Two Well 2X40 lt, Gas


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  • Deep drawned one piece water basin made of AISI 316 for ease of cleaning and long life.
  • Water basin is seamlessly welded into the top of the appliance.
  • Drainage surface is provided on which baskets can be placed for draining purposes on each well.
  • 40 litres water basin for maximum output.
  • Automatic starch removal function during cooking in order to improve water quality overtime.
  • The appliance is fitted with solenid valve for operates cold or hot water and is supplied to the basin directly by means of a spout.
  • Large drain with manual ball valve ensures fast emptying of well.
  • High efficient micro perforated stainless steel burners with flame failure device and protected pilot flame which can be visually controlled through heat resistant ceramic glass on each well.
  • On electrical models armoured efficient heating elements inside the water basin provides rapid heating.


Model NumberOMG 8090
Product TypeGas
Width (mm)800
Length (mm)900
Height (mm)850
Net weight (kg)113
Package Volume0,64
Product Quantity In Package1
LPG Gas Power36
LPG Gas Nominal Pressure30 / 50
LPG Gas Consumption2,8080
Natural Gas TypeDoğalgaz
Natural Gas Nominal Pressure20
Natural Gas Consumption3,8160
Protection ClassIP21
Tank Volume40+40
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